Thermtec Energy Facility Management Monitoring Devices & Software

Remote control and monitoring over Ethernet and GSM.

Energy Monitoring evaluates the efficiency of all building components and systems that impact energy use.

Thermtec Energy monitoring equipment and energy management solutions have been designed to provide the end user with the equipment to record and view in Real Time energy consumption on 3 phase circuits, allows for remote monitoring of amp, V, Pf, KWh, KVA, KVar monitoring tools track and display real-time and historical data. It has unique communication interface which allows communication over LAN, RS485, GSM, 3G, Wifi, and Zigbee Pro.

Remote monitoring and control, ethernet controllers, 1 wire sensors and detectors (temperature, humidity, voltages, current, gases concentration, air pressure), GSM/GPRS controllers environmental monitoring, server room monitoring, IP sensor, remote relay board, I/O controller, IP Watch dog, SNMP, SCADA.

Remote energy monitoring and control from anywhere. Our devices give you possibility for remote monitoring and control of almost all around you – temperature, humidity, voltages, current, gases concentration, air pressure etc.

Remote monitoring over Ethernet

Modules for data acquisition, data logging, server room remote monitoring and control, and industrial automation over Ethernet.

Remote monitoring over GSM

Controllers for general remote control, environmental monitoring, alarm systems and door openers over GSM networks.

Sensors, detectors, and transmitters

1-Wire sensors, RS-485 sensors, and detectors for temperature, humidity, current, voltage, 0-20/4-20mA transmitters, barometric pressure, smoke, etc.


Remote environmental monitoring

  • Humidity and temperature monitoring for server room and data centers
  • Environmental monitoring for greenhouses, wine cellars, and mushroom plants
  • Humidity and temperature monitoring for mobile (telco) facilities
  • Temperature monitoring for drug and food storage.

Remote factory automation

  • Remote monitoring for robot manufacturing systems
  • Scheduled manufacturing process control
  • Remote monitoring and control for boiler systems
  • RFID access control for electric and electronic devices
  • Stand-alone peer-to-peer remote relay control
  • Energy monitoring and output power control for solar parks

Data acquisition and control

  • MODBUS TCP/IP supervisory control systems
  • Environmental monitoring and data logging systems
  • HACCP process monitoring for food manufacturing industry
  • Pharmaceutical storages environmental parameters logging
  • SNMP managers monitoring and control systems
  • Internet of things generation SCADA systems

Building automation and security

  • Temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring and control
  • Door and windows monitoring for air conditioning control
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • RFID access control for mobile (telco) providers facilities

Industrial Cellular 3G, 4G Router, Cellular IP Modems, Zigbee Products, DTU, RTU devices.

We have a wide range of remote control and real time monitoring solutions to cover your companies needs as each system is tailored to suit your requirement and facility.

This is part of a suite of New Energy Monitoring Hardware designed, developed and manufactured by Thermtec Energy which works in conjunction with our Enigma energy monitoring software dashboard. Enables central monitoring and management of multiple sites regardless of geographical location.


Smoke detector TSS8830R

Smoke detector TSS8830R

TSS8030R is a smoke detector, designed for early warning of a fire condition. It responds to ..

€59.75 Ex Tax: €48.58

1-Wire carbon dioxide sensor TSG200

1-Wire carbon dioxide sensor TSG200

1-Wire carbon dioxide sensor TSG200 utilizes 1-Wire interface for communication. The device utilizes..

€359.31 Ex Tax: €292.12

1-Wire temperature sensor TST100

1-Wire temperature sensor TST100

TST100 is 1-Wire temperature sensor for indoor and outdoor usage. It provides a low cost option for ..

€45.95 Ex Tax: €37.36

GSM-GPRS Remote monitoring controller TCG120

GSM-GPRS Remote monitoring controller TCG120

GSM GPRS Controller - TCG120 is a micro-controller based device for monitoring and control via the G..

€296.26 Ex Tax: €240.86

Ethernet Digital IO Module TCW181B-CM

Ethernet Digital IO Module TCW181B-CM

Ethernet Relay Control TCW181B-CM is 8-channel remote relay board, which is designed to work ..

€160.96 Ex Tax: €130.86

Remote IO module TCW122B-CM

Remote IO module TCW122B-CM

TCW122B-CM utilizes special schematic for long 1-Wire interface support, up to two temperatur..

€126.86 Ex Tax: €103.14

Ethernet IO module TCW241

Ethernet IO module TCW241

Ethernet I/O module TCW241 provides four digital inputs and four analog inputs. Its 1-Wire interfa..

€256.48 Ex Tax: €208.52

1-Wire barometric pressure sensor TSP200

1-Wire barometric pressure sensor TSP200

TSP200 is a barometric pressure sensor with 1-Wire interface. Its basic silicon MEMS element ..

€0.00 Ex Tax: €0.00